We specialise in developing and implementing comprehensive strategies that focus on building public policy, social, sustainability and economic cases for clients. Harnessing our team’s expertise who have vast experience in highly regulated and competitive industries, we are able to provide our clients with solid advice, insights and definitive outcomes for their business. 


We specialise in;


  • External stakeholder management

  • Understanding and shaping public opinion through niche research and targeted engagement campaigns

  • Coalition building 

  • Engaging with wide network of key decision makers and influencers

  • Facilitating market access, supporting pre and post-commercialization initiatives



Communications is a critical element of our comprehensive and integrated approach. ACG has extensive expertise in managing complex issues in both traditional and social media platforms. 


We provide expert advice to clients in navigating short term crisis as well as their long term positioning in various aspects of their organisation and industries. 


We specialise in utilising a wide range of online tools and software systems for our advocacy campaigns, setting the direction, strategy and providing the technical support required for a successful implementation. 


We specialise in; 


  • Reputation risk management 

  • Traditional and social media management 

  • Public opinion research 

  • Market research 



ACG offers a broad range of services for pre and post commercialization of products and services within the Asia Pacific region.

We support clients who are looking to enter into markets or those who are aiming to expand their existing business footprint.


We specialize in;

  • Feasibility studies for market entry

  • Developing market entry plans and implementation support

  • Brand building strategies 

  • Sourcing and managing business partners, experts 

  • Regulatory support